The TNKC Method is designed for 1 to 12 year-old children, with self-made materials, yearly updated and including all the contents our pupils need to successfully pass the Cambridge ESOL examinations.



A lesson-by-lesson complete guide which leads the teacher through all TNKC Method levels from 1 to 12 year olds. This guidebook is not a conventional Teacher’s book since ours is not only about the student’s book but also about all the activities that must be carried out when applying the TNKC Method.



Online platform on which a follow-up and reports regarding the TNKC Method are to be registered.



More than 1.000 games classified by level!



Classified activities according to TNKC Method types, class and levels.



Activities targeted at developing these skills; they are classified according to the class and TNKC Method levels.



Contents specially designed to learn vocabulary and expressions about celebrations typical of English-speaking countries.



Paper assessing the contents taught in every session from the pre-intermediate level to advanced.



According to the TNKC Method level the students are registered in.



Classified according to the TNKC Method levels.



Classified according to the TNKC Method levels.



Visual materials covering all the vocabulary to be taught.


Plan de recuperación, transformación y resiliencia