Extracurricular activities

At The New Kids Club, we carry out extracurricular activities in English with the TNKC Method at all type of schools: state, private, state-subsidised as well as nursery schools. Our unique X-factor is such that the results in learning English are quickly noticeable.


Lessons take place in small groups –10 students maximum– and are totally in English, which means full immersion in the classroom is guaranteed. Our teachers go to the educational centres and we take care that everything necessary for the TNKC Method is applied: books-dossiers for the students, games, flashcards... Also remember that, with our method, we do not set any homework and children don't need to listen to any CDs at home.


If you run an educational centre, an AMPA (a Students' Parents' Association) or a nursery school, contact us to find out the extraordinary terms of service we offer!

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