Do you want a licensed school?

The New Kids Club stands out from other schools on account of its own methodology to teach English; the TKNC Method for 1-to -12-year-old children.

If you already own an academy or a children's school, you can opt for becoming a licencee for The New Kids Club. By doing so, you will have all the necessary resources to apply the TNKC Method as well as keeping your own school's identity, unlike the franchise option which has more requirements.

You will be trained on the TNKC Method, how to use it and how to deal with the Central Office. However, advice will be provided and all your queries solved all along the contract period, as it is also done with franchised schools.

We offer:

  • The opportunity to become an authorized licensed school with favourable terms.
  • 3 economic options: Basic - Star - Premium.
  • Support given all along the contract period.
  • Special discount until April 30th 2023.





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