FAQs about our franchises

As a future The New Kids Club franchisee, we know you are probably asking yourself some questions. Here are several answers that can help you find what you are looking for!


You must complete a candidate questionnaire, send us your CV and you will have to read and consult all the information we send you so that you do not have any doubts. Finally, you will have to conduct a personal interview with one or more departments of the Central Office.


The franchise may start the activity before the end of the school year (between May and June) coinciding with the pre-registration period, or at the beginning of the school year (September to October). You have to be aware that before opening your The New Kids Club franchise you will have to pass the entire training process that will be given to you from the Central Office, which usually lasts from 12 to 16 weeks.


Not necessarily, since the Training department will make the necessary resources available to you to manage your The New Kids Club center. The most important thing is that you are really an entrepreneur, you like the commercial deal with the public, you believe in the proposed model and you like children and teenagers.


If you have experience in education or dealing with children and teenagers, congratulations! It's a plus in your favor. If you have no experience, we will teach you how to work with them and guide you through all the necessary steps to have the success you want.


To manage your center it is not necessary that you speak English. At the Central Office we have the English department, which will help you supervise and guide all your teachers to correctly apply the TNKC Method.


The Central Office has a Human Resources department, which has as its fundamental mission to help you in the location, selection and management of the personnel you must hire. In addition, this department coordinates with the different departments of Education to interview and supervise the basic tasks that they will have to perform on a day-to-day basis.


The profitability will depend on your own management. You are going to be the one who runs the franchise on a daily basis and the one who has to apply the training provided by the Central Office. The assimilation of the The New Kids Club ”DNA", your commercial attitudes and the treatment you really offer to parents, students and staff will be a fundamental part of the profitability of your company. The New Kids Club is a more than profitable business, and proof of this is that we have our own centers operating for many years.


As you have seen or will see in the Dossier of The New Kids Club, we put at your disposal a multitude of departments to help you before the opening of the franchised center as in the day to day, with the doubts that may arise. You will not be alone in your path as an entrepreneur or as a Brand representative.


The franchise agreement lasts for 5 years, that are automatically extended if none of the parts (franchise or franchisee) declare otherwise.


Zero euros. Once your franchise agreement ends, we will be able to extend it without representing a cost to you and you will not have to reimburse anything for the renewal of the agreement.


We are not going to force you to settle in a certain place. From the Central Office we are going to recommend and suggest those places that we think are the most suitable, taking into account different factors such as: economic, population, location... but the final decision will always be yours. We want you to be comfortable in the place where you settle.


Yes, and in addition, the area of exclusivity that you will have to exploit the The New Kids Club Brand will be large enough to be able to work, thus guaranteeing that we will not implement another The New Kids Club franchisee in your granted area.


If you have further questions, you can contact us through this form.

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