Candidate's guideline

Steps to become a The New Kids Club franchise-holder

The Franchising Headquarters together with their Expansion Department will guide you through the implementation process of your The New Kids Club centre. You are about to start a journey which will be done together: Franchiser & Franchisee, that is why you can count on some professionals who will help you and guide you all along this new, exciting process.


In the light of the quality commitment, the Franchising Headquarters must offer all their franchise-holders a high-quality service, all of them will have the opportunity to assess the service offered by the Headquarters by means of some quality questionnaires which will be filled in at the end of the implementation process of the centre but before its opening.


You should follow these steps if you want to be the next director of a The New Kids Club centre:

  • Delivery of the questionnaire of applicants for a franchise plus the CV.
  • Read up on the information.
  • A telephone and/or face-to-face interview.
  • Delivery of a personalized economic proposal according to minicipality/city.
  • Resolution of doubts.
  • Signing the franchise contract or precontract.
  • Searching for the premises.
  • Starting the online training.
  • Marketing and publicity.
  • Human Resources.

The Expansion Department staff will supervise and accompany you all along this process.

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