The New Kids Club Madrid-Vallecas

The New Kids Club Madrid-Vallecas opened in September 2017. It offers English TNKC Method and Cambridge Esol English, support lessons, leisure activities as well as holiday activities.

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Avda. Cañada Toledana, 2 - 28971 Griñón (Madrid)
T. 91 230 27 05


Marisol Gallego

ENGLISH TNKC METHOD (1 - 12 year-olds)

The New Kids Club Madrid-Vallecas teaches English using our own methodology, the TNKC Method. English is acquired, not just learnt; the key of the TNKC Method is playing so children can have fun and participate actively in the lessons. This English methodology has been taylor made for 1 to 12 year-olds.


The New Kids Club Madrid-Vallecas offers school support to students in both primary and secondary schools. It is carried out in small groups and in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. At The New Kids Club Madrid-Vallecas, children learn how to become serious and responsible.


Children at The New Kids Club Madrid-Vallecas do their homework, learn how to be tidy and responsible; they also learn self-respect and respect for the others as well as to solve conflicts. The playful activities at The New Kids Club Madrid-Vallecas have been created for the children’s learning and leisure.


The New Kids Club Madrid-Vallecas collaborates with Cambridge ESOL; our students can take all the Young Learners examinations and are also prepared for the A2, B1 and B2 exams. Our students are provided with the necessary resources to succeed in the Cambridge ESOL English official exams.


The New Kids Club Madrid-Vallecas carries out holiday activities out of the school Schedule at Christmas, Easter or in the summer. These activities include workshops, handicrafts and English among other holiday activites which not only entertain , but also teach children.



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