In The New Kids Club centers we apply a methodology based on the academic
learning attained over ten years of experience.

All our training in classrooms is based on the organization, neatness, order and responsibility that our children must have at the time of studying. Learning is set in a totally personalized way.

You will realize that, for us, the most important thing is not only that your child
passes a school year, but that he becomes a student with sufficient attitudes and skills to obtain what for him will be very important in the not-too-distant future: his/her profession.
In the The New Kids Club facilities, we offer academic support from the first year of primary school.

The combination of a professional environment and at the same time a familiar and close atmosphere will ensure that your children learn to be serious and responsible students, and above all this, that they are educated as people.



In The New Kids Club centers we understand that teachers are a fundamental and essential part for the education of our children and of all our students. You will find qualified and experienced teachers so that your children are cared for in a totally professional manner.

Those of us who are parents want our children to be educated properly and have the necessary foundations for their future maturity. With more than 10 years of experience behind us we have been able to verify the success of this approach.


Small groups

Realizamos las sesiones de refuerzo escolar con un MÁXIMO de 6 alumnos por grupo.

Las sesiones de todos los grupos se establecen según las edades y están adaptadas a las necesidades de éstos. El trato es totalmente individualizado y personalizado.

Furniture and decoration

We understand that students should have appropriate classrooms adapted to their ages and their needs.

Our classrooms are joyful and are decorated considering all the students who pass through them.

From 6 to 12 years old

We empower the personal skills and abilities that each student will need in a not-too-distant future and we rectify everything that doesn't provide a student with any benefit.

That is why we teach School Support’s classes from
6 years of age or from the first year of primary education.

We work in a natural way with our methodology with all ages and the results are evident in a short time.

- We make use of all the skills from a very early age -