Gavantic Formación - The New Kids Club Cáceres will soon offer TNKC METHOD for 1 to 12 year-old children.

/FitxersWeb/105829/flyer-method.pngGAVANTIC FORMACIÓN - THE NEW KIDS CLUB 

29, Avenida de Alemania, 1a

10005 Cáceres

Phone 666 991 947

Headmaster: Silvia Galán Alonso

ENGLISH TNKC METHOD (1 - 12 year-olds)

Gavantic Formación - The New Kids Club Cáceres teaches English using our own methodology, the TNKC Method. English is acquired, not just learnt; the key of the TNKC Method is playing so children can have fun and participate actively in the lessons. This English methodology has been taylor made for 1 to 12 year-olds.