Learning English is far more effective if started at an early age, that is why the TNKC METHOD is specially designed for 1 to 12 year-old children, and perfectly adapted to different ages. 

The Baby Sessions are TNKC METHOD English lessons taylor-made for 1 to 2 year-old babies, who are accompained by one of the parents all through the session.


The purpose being that the baby comes into contact with the English language the younger the better so it can be acquired naturally. In addition, a bond between baby and parent is established through English. 

How is it done?

  • Thirty-minute sessions.
  • The babies are  always accompanied by one of the parents.
  • They are carried out within the timetable that each centre schedules guaranteeing that no other activity is in progress at that time, for example: mornings, noons, etc.


The BABY SESSIONS syllabus is the same as that of the KINDERGARTEN which is used for pre-school 1 and 2 at nursery schools. It is our own methodology, TNKC METHOD, and it is the same in both school years. The contents progress gradually, that is to say, the pre-school 2 pupils work the same syllabus as those doing pre-school1, but the vocabulary is wider for the former. 

The syllabus is designed for students to start the activity in pre-school1 and to consolidate as well as increase the vocabulary when they reach pre-school 2 thanks to the content extension.