“A whole world for your children... and for you


Dear parents and/or tutor teachers,

What truly matters for THE NEW KIDS CLUB, network of franchised centres, is our users and clients and their full satisfaction.

If you are already a The New Kids Club's client anywhere in Spain, you must be aware of all your rights.     





  • The rigth to receive the WELCOME PACK, including:


- TNKC METHOD book (for the students enrolled in an English coure)..
- Promotional gift, if enrolled in a TNKC centre before advertised date,

  • The right to access the TNKC Educational Platform:

    -You will receive your log-in username and password.
    -You will receive 2 reports (January and June).
    -Access to the Educational Platform through the website www.thenewkidsclub.es under the tab PADRES

  • The right to see the TNKC METHOD books and your children's progress all along the school year.
  • The right to receive your EnglishTNKC METHOD DIPLOMA or CERTIFICATE.
  • The right to receive your monthly official invoice.
  • The right to make a complaint, claim or any comment you consider appropiate through:

    - E-mail: atencionalcliente@thenewkidsclub.es
    - Phone line: 972 670 855 – 902 023 383

    - Website: www.thenewkidsclub.es on:
  • The right to assess your TNKC centre by requesting it through any means described in the previous section.
  • The right to unregister whenever you consider appropiate by 30-days' notice.