All of our teachers, native speakers or not, are previously trained according to our teaching methodology. They all fo through a strict training process along which they must prove they have the following skills:

- Good COMMUNICATION when it comer to teaching a lesson. 

- DYNAMISM so the students enjoy the lesson.

- STIMULATION for the students who have learning difficulties. 

- CONTROL over the group at all times





Inspections and audits are carried out to let us know the situation of each teacher and their pupils. These indicators provide parents and the school with the necessary information to know whether the group's parameters, which have initially been main objectives to reach at the end of each stage, are accomplished. We share the same purpose and the aim is to improve the centre's and the students' results, correcting whatever is wrong or is not working as it should.

The main indicator showing that The New Kids Club apply these internal INSPECIONS successfully is reaching the end of the academic year having achieved the objectives established by the teachers.



If you believe you meet the requirements we demand from all our teachers and entertainers, do not hesitate to send us your full CV to: